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Redefining Domestic
Maid Solutions

Since 2012, Agensi Pekerjaan Reliable Sdn Bhd has been providing professional services to families in Malaysia particularly in the Kelang Valley with placement of reliable living-in housemaids. And with our longevity, we have learned that to allow someone to live under the same roof with your loved ones is not a numbers game - it's a relationship-building business. That's why we put an emphasis on listening, guiding and matching the right maid with the right family. No two hiring's and placements are the same.


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"They have a different approach. I could sense they know the candidates, they know the supplier in Indonesia and the maids mentioned the agency also know their sponsors, the recruiter that go from house to house from their kampungs" - Datin Lee, Petaling Jaya

About Us: About

Agensi Pekerjaan Reliable Sdn Bhd


Reliable Agency is fully licensed by The Human Resource Ministry of Malaysia and The Labor Department of West Malaysia (JTKSM).


We have 10+ years of experience in delivering competent manpower resources specialized in domestic helpers from Indonesia to the Malaysian market. Our agency emphasizes service quality over numbers. Imagine yourself shopping at a boutique outlet compares to a hypermarket. To top it up, we provide a unique 2-year warranty on maid placement in contrast to a 3-month period widely practiced in the industry. 


Our management team comprises more than 35 years of combined experience in Human Resources and Labor Law. 


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We are a domestic maid agency licensed by The Labor Department of Malaysia, recognised with legal permission by the Malaysian Immigration Department and sanctioned by the Labor Department of Indonesia via the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia Manpower Attache. We operate from our contemporary office at Plaza Mont Kiara, one of the preferred residential areas in the city of Kuala Lumpur.


Since its inception in 2012, Reliable Agency geared its business philosophy on being the top maid agency in Malaysia. As a licensed foreign manpower recruitment agency, we poured endless resources on placement of foreign workers in the local market while horning our expertise into upgrading the domestic maid agency portfolio through our “True Solution” best practices. In 2017, a new management team bought over the agency lock, stock and barrel emphasising the focus being the premier Indonesian maid agency in Malaysia. The new team brought years of exposure in management, legal, marketing and sales from other industries such as oil and gas, hospitality and legal advisory to boost the already solid performance into a new height. The pursuit of being the top maid agency in Malaysia was systematically outlined in the business plan and in 2008, Reliable Agency was recognised as the best Indonesian Maid Agency Malaysia.


Our “True Solution” philosophy is not just a marketing cliché. We are the pioneering agency in Malaysia that offers a comprehensive Two-Year warranty for all our maids in Malaysia. We promise to provide a replacement maid anytime during the 2 year work contract when the performance of the maid suffers or we will furnish a refund! This initiative was launched successfully in early 2008 and transformed Reliable as a household name when one is sourcing for a house maid agency Malaysia. While competitors were still figuring out how we were able to execute the plan in an economically viable manner, we were already hundred of steps ahead perfecting the trade through our principle of “Loro Sila”. The name came from old Javanese language that literally translates into the “Two Principles”; (1) honesty and (2) follow the rules. Inevitably, by a sheer determination to provide the best service, Reliable Agency made the podium as the top Agencies for Maids in Malaysia for six consecutive years from 2018 to 2023.


Who we are? Yes we are the premier Indonesian Maid Agency in Malaysia but more importantly being at the top is not an accolade. After all, our services are not into tangible goods but to matchmake real people with real families. Often when thing didn’t work out, it was not a matter of a lousy maid or an overbearing family, but more often than not, the two parties simply don’t match with each other. That’s the primary reason our clients chose us when the True Solution allow them to have a replacement maid whenever the relationship with the maid goes south.


You were wondering about Reliable Agency. Yes we ticked all the right boxes as the top maid agency in Malaysia, as the preferred house maid agency in Malaysia and as the premium Indonesian maid agency in Malaysia. When the curtain goes down, we are the domestic maid agency that truly gives you the peace of mind in hiring a domestic for your family. Sign up for our preferred services here!

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