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  • New maid placement is ACTIVELY ongoing
    Call Madam Lenny 019 238 0353 for active maid biodata and recruitment 
  • New maid placement is 

    ACTIVELY ongoing

    Call Madam Lenny 019 238 0353 for active biodata and recruitment
  • "At first I thought it was a gimmick but when my maid's attitude suddenly changed after 14 months, the agency provided a replacement. It saved us lots of hassle and money too" - Mr. Steven, Kuala Lumpur
  • "I liked the personal attention given by the owner herself rather than sales people.
     I could see the agency focus move on quality rather than quantity" 
    - Datin Fatimah, Kuala Lumpur
  • "I've been dealing with this agency and the owner herself for more than 6 years. Now all my family members take maids from Reliable. Thank you Lenny" - Madam Richards, Retiree, Bangsar

  • "PT kami sangat senang berkerjasama dengan Ibu Lenny karena garansi selama kontrak 2 tahun. Sama-sama menguntungkan majikan, pembantu, agensi dan semua pihak. Semoga sukses terus Agensi Reliable" 

    Bapak H. Drs. Eko, Jakarta

  • "Alhamdulillah, sudah 2 kali ambil maid dari Reliable. Harga kompetitif boleh tahanlah perpatutan dengan jaminan 2 tahun. So far tak ada problem" - Puan Mastura, Johor Baharu

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Do you provide full-time or part-time domestic helper/maid?

We provide full-time maids who live with the employers. Part-time/temporary/live out maids are only available on case by case basis

How long is the maid employment contract?

The maid employment contract is binding for a period of two years upon which the maid shall be returned to the home country for a short leave. The contract can be renewed if the maid agreed to return to the same employer otherwise the employer is advised to secure the services of a different maid

Where do the maid come from? And what are their ethnics and religions?

The maids from our agency are mainly Indonesian of Central and East Java, Lombok and Nusa Tenggara origins. They are Muslims, Christians or Hindus being he three main religions in Indonesia

What are their ages?

In accordance to the immigration law, all domestic helpers must be between 21 to 45 years of age for the first year hiring

How long is the process to secure a maid? And how long to process the work permit?

The process to secure a live-maid from the selection until the maid is physically in the house, can be as quick as a few days for maids who are already in the country and up to 3 months for maids who are still in the originating country. The work permit through "Journey Performed Visa" can be done within one month and it could take up to 3 months for "Calling Visa"

What happens if the maids are not suitable or run away from employment?

Our agency provides a "Peace of Mind, No Question Asked" maid replacement program anytime within the contract period. The employer will get a replacement maid within 30 days or we shall refund the agency fees (Please call us for enquiries). Employers will be subjected to immigration charges as set forth by the Government of Malaysia.

Are the maids properly trained?

All maids are trained on basic household chores, equipment and code of conducts. However, employers expectation varies and may not jive with the maids background, norms and experience. That's the reason why we provide maid replacement program thoughout the contract to ensure best fits between the employers and the maids.

Can a maid be employed by singles? Or by single-parents?

The answer is YES, with proper justification, such as to cater needs for elderlies or children with special needs and to be supported by proof of income. Single-parents will have to show proof of children below the age of 18

I already have a domestic helper and I need another maid for the family. Can it be done?

Yes, while agency fees from us remain the same, the employer will have to provide proof of higher income and pay a higher levy to the hiring of he second maid

What shall I do if the maid showed hostility during the employment contract?

The employer is strongly advised to take immediate actions by informing the agency for possible mitigation such as counselling or motivational actions against the maids. We aim to solve all issues in the most peaceful manner and often the maid replacement program is the best option to move forward.

How do we start the maid selection process?

Please call us to receive personalised services from our own maid placement director. Our agency strongly promotes a referral based system that come from words of mouth to justify our dedication and professionalism with a huge turnover of repeat customers. However, if you are new to our family, please feel welcome and give us a call for further enquiries

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